Tea Teaser is an Australian tea business founded by Tegan Farrugia, that has been on hiatus.

It has taken on a few different forms, originally a monthly subscription that varied depending on the weather, and then morphed into specific packages such as pregnancy, pre-wedding and detox.

Tegan changed and tweaked her business based on her own journey through pregnancy, a newborn and a new life that came with it. And with an active toddler, Tea Teaser was put on the shelf as the lowest priority.

But now it may be time to bring it back, and with it a new direction again.

Tea Teaser is like a caterpillar that has been in a cocoon for about a year, resting and reflecting, and transforming into a butterfly. (yep, you guessed it, My Hungry Little Caterpillar is a favourite in this house)

This next step is going to be for the mums. The tired mums. The mums that really need some self care, but can’t seem to make it happen. Let’s do it together. x

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